Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Deepest Regions Of the Barrier Reef Explored


In a scientific first, scientists from the Schmidt Ocean Institute have explored some of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park’s deepest parts.

To conduct the research at a depth of 1,820m/~5,971ft, the team used a remote submersible, the SuBastian. The team was surprised and thrilled with their findings and the wildlife at such an extreme depth.

Discussing the various aspect of the research, Dr. Brendan Brooke, the lead scientist from Geoscience Australia, stated:

“This included the most comprehensive midwater robotic dive survey series to ever have been conducted in the South Pacific. Research vessel Falkor has integrated a range of technologies that have allowed us to work across the full range of ocean depths in the Coral Sea and to provide data for multiple disciplines including geology, biology, and oceanography.”

Amongst the more unusual fings on the expedition was a new species of black corals with meter-long tentacles and a Rhinopias agriloba, which would typically be found in the waters around Hawaii. Scientists hope that their research will shine a light on the habitat and how seabed features interact with the animals around them.

You can check out a video of the deep reef below.

Sam Helmy
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