DEMA Announces Board Of Directors Nominees

DEMA's First Board Meeting of 2019 To Take Place Next Week
DEMA's First Board Meeting of 2019 To Take Place Next Week

DEMA has announced the list of candidates for its 2020-2023 Board of Directors cycle.

The list is by no means complete, and you can submit a write-in nomination request to be included on the list of nominees. To be eligible you must be a current 2019 member, and already renewed for 2020.

The current list of nominees is ass follows:

From the Distributors and Affiliated Field/Sales Representatives and manufacturers category:

  • Diving Industry Pro Consulting- Ronny Roskosch.
  • Innovative Scuba Concepts, Inc.- Chuck Fultz.

From the Training Agencies, Diver Certification, and Affiliated Field/Sales Representative category:

  • SEI-PDIC & Leaird’s Underwater Service- Tom Leaird.

From the Dive Media, Publishing, Consulting, Associations & Non-Retail Service Providers

  • Michael Johnson Entertainment, LLC- Michael Johnson.
  • Cline Group Advertising, Inc.- William Cline.

From the Retail Distribution of Diving Goods & Services category:

  • Texas Dive Center Inc- John Miller.
  • Sea Experience, Inc- Bill Cole.

From the Resort or Dive Travel Provider category

  • Weaver’s Dive & Travel Center, Inc.- Steve Weaver.

You can find out more information about the DEMA Board of Directors here, submit a write-in candidacy here, and find DEMA’s bylaws here.