DEMA has announced the list of candidates for its 2020-2023 Board of Directors cycle.

The list is by no means complete, and you can submit a write-in nomination request to be included on the list of nominees. To be eligible you must be a current 2019 member, and already renewed for 2020.

The current list of nominees is ass follows:

From the Distributors and Affiliated Field/Sales Representatives and manufacturers category:

  • Diving Industry Pro Consulting- Ronny Roskosch.
  • Innovative Scuba Concepts, Inc.- Chuck Fultz.

From the Training Agencies, Diver Certification, and Affiliated Field/Sales Representative category:

  • SEI-PDIC & Leaird’s Underwater Service- Tom Leaird.

From the Dive Media, Publishing, Consulting, Associations & Non-Retail Service Providers

  • Michael Johnson Entertainment, LLC- Michael Johnson.
  • Cline Group Advertising, Inc.- William Cline.

From the Retail Distribution of Diving Goods & Services category:

  • Texas Dive Center Inc- John Miller.
  • Sea Experience, Inc- Bill Cole.

From the Resort or Dive Travel Provider category

  • Weaver’s Dive & Travel Center, Inc.- Steve Weaver.

You can find out more information about the DEMA Board of Directors here, submit a write-in candidacy here, and find DEMA’s bylaws here.