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DEMA and Bonaire To Launch New Divecaching Challenge

DEMA and Bonaire announced this week that they have created an international, underwater geocaching game called “The Diving For Bonaire Treasure Challenge.”

DEMA applied the lessons learned from a previous, underwater geocaching game — the “Diving For Texas Treasure Challenge” — to create an international version:

“The Bonaire Challenge, a pilot program to encourage dive travel, is the perfect example of an activity that can help destinations encourage return dive trips to their land-based resorts and travel operators.”

The Diving for Bonaire Treasure Challenge uses the game of DiveCaching, an underwater treasure hunt where certified scuba divers hunt for small treasures in the form of underwater geocaches. The game is designed to help support a fun diving adventure while traveling to any destination where DiveCaches are hidden. DiveCaching includes the use of technology and a few basic diving skills such as navigation, buoyancy control and search-and-recovery techniques to play the game.

“DiveCaching is fun all on its own and is the perfect reason to get divers back in the water,” said DEMA Executive Director Tom Ingram. “With the Diving for Bonaire Treasure Challenge, DEMA is testing how DiveCaching can help destinations promote dive travel using this fun and exciting challenge. Our member destinations, resorts and dive travel providers are always looking for fresh ideas to get their customers coming back to dive at their destination again. The Diving for Bonaire Treasure Challenge is another great way DiveCaching can be put to work to benefit divers and Dive Industry professionals alike.”

During the Diving For Bonaire Treasure Challenge, divers will have to find five of the 10 DiveCaches that have been strategically hidden at different underwater sites around the island in order to win a variety of prizes. Divers who find at least five and log their finds on are eligible to win prizes.

The Grand Prize winner will receive two round-trip U.S. airline tickets to Bonaire and a seven-night stay at Captain Don’s Habitat; Second prize is a five-night stay at Bruce Bowker’s Carib Inn; and Third Prize is a three-night stay at Hotel Roomer.

DEMA and Bonaire will launch the Challenge during the November 6-9 DEMA Show in Orlando, FL. The game will run for six months, from November 6, 2013 to April 30, 2014, with the winners being announced the week of May 17, 2014.

To view additional details and enter the Challenge visit

Dive resorts looking to promote a DiveCaching Challenge can visit


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John Liang
John Liang
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