Now known as an oil-rich nation, Bahrain was previously known as a pearl-rich country, and the history of pearling in the country goes back over 2,000 years.

You can now experience this ancient enterprise by taking part in the Bahrain Pearling Trail, on Muharraq Island, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site as the only intact pearling site in the world.

The tour takes three hours and is 3.5km/2.1 miles long. Starting at Bu Maher port, the tour includes a two-hour dive, followed by a lesson on the history and path of pearling in Bahrain, and the creations of explorer and designer Jacques Cartier.

The diving portion of the tour takes place at Ras Rayyah, in the north of Muharraq, and takes a couple of hours. To ensure sustainability, divers are allowed to collect 60 oysters per dive. If you are wondering whether you will find a pearl or not, the probability of locating a pearl is estimated to be around 5 percent. Sadly, most pearls are now in older oysters which lie in much deeper waters.

Experiencing the Bahrain Pearling Trail will set you back US$85/~€74/~£65.

You can find out more about Muharraq Island here, or check out a video about the experience below.

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