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Dive Medicine for Divers from DAN

DAN is introducing two new courses at DEMA this year: Dive Medicine for Divers, Part 2, and the long-awaited CPR/First Aid course, Basic Life Support and First Aid.

Basic Life Support and First Aid completes the package for providing basic life support and care for an injured diver. DAN’s newest training program integrates basic CPR and first aid skills in an easy-to-understand format that flows directly into DAN’s industry-standard diver first aid courses. DAN is offering crossover training to all current and expired CPR instructors at the DEMA show.

Also new from DAN Training is Dive Medicine for Divers, Part 2. Building on the foundation laid in Part 1, (Part 1 was introdcued at DEMA 2008), Part 2 of the program covers topics such as decompression illness, barotraumas and equipment-related safety issues, including skill development on taking a blood pressure and using an EpiPen®. Training for Part 1 & Part 2 is available at DEMA 2009.

DAN is also offering Instructor and Instructor Trainer Updates to keep professionals up to speed on everything they need to be current.

If you are not attending DEMA 2009 but are interested in becoming an instructor of these courses, please contact DAN at (919) 684-2948 x.555 or via email at

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