Diverse Travel Grows And Doubles Its Sales Team Size

Diverse Travel Sales Team
Diverse Travel Sales Team

Diverse Travel, the bespoke travel holiday company, has announced it is adding new members to its sales team due to the company’s growth in recent years.

The new members will double Diverse Travel’s team size, and include:

  • John Butland — Sales Manager.
  • Helena Nawar — Sales Executive.
  • Simon Slater — Sales Executive.

The new members bring over 34 years of diving travel experience and will have worked with leading dive travel company Regaldive. Not only is Diverse Travel adding new members, but the company is also opening new offices in Cambridgeshire, UK, as well as its current location in Ipswich, UK.

According to Diverse Travel Director Jim Yanny:

“Experience, knowledge, strong customer-service; all are highly sought-after skills that John, Helena, and Simon bring in abundance to Diverse Travel,… Our product portfolio will also increase as we mine their knowledge and offer customers even more in the way of dive destinations and know-how.”

You can find out more information here, or contact Diverse Travel for more information here.