Divetech is holding its annual Inner Space get-together this week in Grand Cayman, where closed-circuit rebreather enthusiasts gather to meet other like-minded technical divers.

Inner Space, taking place May 23-30, is in its 12th year and is billed as the world’s largest rebreather event. It has become a mecca for Rebreather divers and manufacturers from around the world, including Fourth Element, Kiss Rebreathers, PADI, and Poseidon, among others.

Participants are staying at Cobalt Coast Dive Resort, and Inner Space has become more like a family reunion, according to Divetech owner Nancy Easterbrook, who pioneered technical diving in the Cayman Islands.

Easterbrook started Inner Space in 2003 to bring rebreather enthusiasts together to share their diving passion, and that year only 19 divers attended. Since then it has built a loyal following, not just with tech divers who want to maximize their bottom time, but also with equipment manufacturers who come to share the industry’s latest technology.

“Inner Space and ‘Focus Grand Cayman’ have become fixtures in the Dive Calendar of those who take their diving seriously, and who are interested in learning more about new products and developments within diving,” said Paul Strike of sponsor Fourth Element. “As such, it is a valuable initiative which brings equipment manufactures and enthusiasts of the sport together where they can discuss and share ideas.”

With dive technology constantly changing, Inner Space offers participants a chance to keep up with the updates. Divers are spending the week exploring Cayman’s famous walls, attending seminars, testing new equipment and socializing with like-minded enthusiasts. Lectures and presentations are focusing on safety, research and new technologies from industry representatives who are introducing new products.

Inner Space has become the success that it has achieved, due to the incredible and ongoing support of the industry people that help make this a great event,” said Easterbrook. “It’s diving with the ‘Who’s Who’ in the Rebreather world, learning from industry experts on topics that are meaningful to Rebreather divers, and the wonderful prizes and camaraderie that develops and continue.”

For more information, check out DiveTech’s website.