Dr. Sylvia Earle has received yet another award for her work as an ocean advocate.

“Her Deepness” was awarded the Avenue Altruism Award at the Life Below the Water gala dinner at the United Nations held on November 13. Her award was presented to her by filmmaker and explorer Fabien Cousteau.

The honor is the inaugural award given by Avenue magazine in association with the United Nations Office for Partnerships. The whole gala dinner was aimed at raising the profile of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal SDG 14, which aims to protect and increase the sustainable use of the oceans and its marine life.

In recognition for her pioneering work and altruism, a portion of the proceeds from the gala dinner was given to Mission Blue, an alliance of global conservationists led by Dr. Earle herself.

To find out more you can visit Mission Blue. You can also learn more about SDG 14 here.