Extreme Sportsman Wolfgang Kulov To Attempt World Record On SEABOB Water Sled

The SEABOB: for the water enthusiast who already has everything else. Photo credit: Cayago AG (www.seabob.com)

So if you’ve established a world record for the longest underwater bike ride, where would you go from there?

For extreme sportsman Wolfgang Kulov, the next goal is to do something no one has previously attempted: Travel 20 kilometers/12.4 miles underwater from Denmark to Germany on a SEABOB water sled.

On September 27, Kulov plans to start at the Danish island of Lolland and end at the German island of Fehmarn, traveling at a maximum depth of 10 meters/33 feet.

Throughout the attempt, a safety boat and professional diver will be available if needed. In addition, Kulov‘s scuba tank and SEABOB will need to be replaced periodically, as he won’t be allowed to leave the water.

The Record-Institute of Germany (RID) will be on site to accompany Kulov in his world record attempt.

Stay tuned for further updates as the attempt day approaches.

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