In some good news for Florida’s coral reefs, when divers slipped into the water at Key Largo after Hurricane Irma, they discovered that the reefs suffered a lot let less damage than expected.

That was not the only good news: At the site of the wreck of the World War II freighter Benwood, the hurricane shifted the sand and revealed an anchor that has been hidden from view for decades.

Billy Wise, general manger of the Rainbow Reef Dive Center in Key Largo said:

“The reefs look spectacular, compared to what we thought they would look like.”

He added:

“We’re super optimistic about the reefs, we had seven boats out Saturday. Everybody I talked to at the dock was positive and said everything looks great.”

Interestingly due to the amount of sand the hurricane moved, some of the dive sites are now deeper, and diving them feels like diving a new site.

Check out a short video of the reefs post-Irma below.