Fluorescent Night Diver Specialty Course Now Offered By Fantasy Island Roatan

Fluorescent Night Diving
Fluorescent Night Diving

Fantasy Island Resort on Roatan is now offering a distinctive Fluorescent Night Diver specialty training course.

During the course, divers can experience the underwater realm in a totally new way and see creatures in a new light.

Instead of using traditional dive lights, divers learn how to use UV diving lights. The lights use a blue light with a yellow filter; this brings out colors that can’t be seen by the naked eye. This fluorescence is because many marine animals and corals absorb UV light (blue) and then remit it at a different wavelength generating some striking colors that are otherwise invisible.

The course offered by Fantasy Island is a one-dive course and is open to any diver who holds an open water license. While previous night diving experience is recommended, it is not mandatory to take the course.

You can contact for more information here or check out a video of fluorescent night diving below.