Fourth Element Launches Argonaut Stealth Drysuit

Fourth Element Argonaut Stealth Drysuit

If you are in the market for a new drysuit one of the top choices to date was the Fourth Element Argonaut, that is until now…

The new Argonaut Stealth drysuit from Fourth Element combines the Innovation Award winning BIOMAP imaging technology that allows for truly custom made suits, the ergonomic Argonaut 2.0 design, and a new fabric.

Fourth Element Argonaut Stealth Drysuit

The result: a drysuit that fits like a tailored suit with unrivaled freedom of movement and comfort.

The new “Stealth” fabric is made from ripstop Nylon sandwiching a butyl rubber membrane – this lightweight design gives great performance whilst providing excellent abrasion resistance and fast drying times.  It’s also super light with a men’s size large suit weighing in at approximately 4kg, making the Argonaut Stealth well suited for travel, and the nature of the fabric means that it is compact for packing also.

The Fourth Element Argonaut Stealth

The suit is available with the Stealth fabric throughout, or as a hybrid with fourth element’s Flex fabric on the legs for the optimum in flexibility and protection.

The Fourth Element Argonaut Stealth Offers Amazing Flexibility

The brains at Fourth Element weren’t comfortable at innovating just the suit material, the also managed to cram in newly redesigned pockets, locking crotch strap, the most comfortable drysuit boots on the market and a fully bespoke ordering system allowing the specification of details like valve positions.

The most comfortable drysuit boots on the market

Praise has been coming in for the newly released suit with Rene Lipmann, Editor in Chief of the Dutch Diving Magazine, Duiken saying:

“This is the best drysuit I have ever used”

Tamara May, Instructor and test diver, Protec Dive Center, Mexico added

“The new Argonaut Stealth offers a lot more flexibility and comfort. I believe this new material has the durability for the cave diving I am doing everyday, whether it be for large or winding pull and glide small caves.”

Pricing starts at £1,875 / $2,375 / €2,131.  More information and details on how to order online or via your dealer can be found on the Fourth Element Argonaut Website.