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Fourth Element Unveils New Tech Fins


The folks at Fourth Element have introduced a new set of Tech Fins that the company says have taken inspiration from nature and evolution to optimize efficiency.

The turbulence disruptors on the top of the blade work in the same way as the nodules of the leading edge of a humpback whale fin, which disrupt the water as they move through it, according to the company. The resulting turbulence enables the whale to swim with more efficiency, and Fourth Element says it “has adopted this evolutionary concept to improve the performance of this classic fin.”

Fourth Element Unveils New Tech Fins
Fourth Element Unveils New Tech Fins

The fin sports natural rubber in a unique density gradient, giving it a comfy foot pocket combined with optimized stiffness for finning performance.

The vented design allows water to flow along the blade reducing drag and fatigue, while the stiffening rails and ribs ensure that the blade of the fin is driven through the water to maximise the return on effort, according to Fourth Element.

The Tech Fins, with a slightly negative buoyancy characteristic, were developed with technical divers in mind but Fourth Element says they’re suitable for all levels of diver looking for a high-performance rubber fin. The wider blade gives maneuverability without compromising the power, while the shorter length improves agility and makes stowing the fins for transport more convenient.

Fourth Element Unveils New Tech Fins
Fourth Element Unveils New Tech Fins

The fins’ spring straps’ comfortable heel pads keep the feet securely held in place, and can be removed and changed easily with everyday tools if required (the straps, not the feet).

The Tech Fins also come with a hanging/carrying strap and a marine-quality bolt snap which may be used to attach them to a BCD or harness for carrying, leaving both hands free for climbing ladders or carrying other gear.

All of the fins’ components are recyclable at end of life, according to Fourth Element.

The Tech Fins are available in sizes M, L, XL and XXL and will fit sizes 4 (US5) to 14 (US15) and come in Black, Grey or Aqua. They retail for £139.95/€167.95/~US$172.

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John Liang
John Liang
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