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Frederic Buyle designs "The Ultimate Diver"

World record-breaking freediver Frederic Buyle, famous fortaking one deep breath and plunging into the sea for his breathtaking underwaterphotography, has partnered up with Riedenschild Original Watches, the German makerof luxury time pieces, to design and develop a precision diving watch named “TheUltimate Diver,” in a limited edition.

Only 299 of these stunning black faced automatics are beingproduced and marketed through Frederic Buyle’s Website, and”I am very proud to be working with Riedenschild. I take great pride in mydiving and my photography, which I endeavor to produce as honestly as possible,without breathing aids, special equipment, lighting or digital enhancement,”Buyle said. “That’s why I believe in our new time piece for Riedenschild,which has come to stand for simple excellence and no gimmicks.”

In a press release from Riedenschild, it is mentioned that Buyle,who was 23 when he set his first record, went on to set several other world recordsfor freediving and became the 8th person in the world to dive to a depth of 100meters on one breath of air in 1999. However there is a deeper story toFrederic Buyle’s genius. Inspired by his grandfather, who was a photographicand artistic pioneer in the 19th century, and his father, a fashionphotographer in the 1960s, Frederic married his love and skill for freedivingwith photography.

Buyle’s simple yet elegant images of underwater life havegraced the pages of National Geographic, Apnea, Men’s Health and othermagazines known worldwide, and capture the beauty of nature without computer orartistic manipulation and simultaneously celebrate the liberating art andscience of freediving. “The underwater environment is so pure, so I thinkit makes the most sense _ ethically, morally and artistically _ to explore thatworld in as pure a manner as possible,” Buyle said. “That’s thebeauty and simplicity of free diving and what I love most  about my work.” “That beauty andsimplicity are captured in ‘The Ultimate Diver’, the elegant time piece I’vedesigned with Riedenschild,” Buyle said.

Riedenschild Original Watches originated in 2004, by Germanwatchmaker Designer Oliver Wolf. Riedenschild Original Watches are computercalibrated during a design process that generally takes 6-7 months. The firstfour months are spent designing the new model and engineering a prototype. Ifthe prototype meets Riedenschild’s standards, the component parts aremanufactured and then hand-assembled by Riedenschild craftsmen. AllRiedenschild Original  watches come witha 2-year warranty, including aftersales service. Riedenschild Original Watchesare tested against stringent German Precision Instrument standards (DIN Norm).Mirror polished backs, steel hands and Aero bases make Riedenschild OriginalWatches as beautiful on the outside as they are exacting on the inside, usingparts precision manufactured in Germany, Italy and Switzerland.  The owner of Riedenschild, Mr. James Newell,said “Our watches have gained a worldwide reputation for excellence andelegance. Because we market largely through word of mouth, you may not haveheard of Riedenschild — but once you do, we’re confident you’ll like what you hear.”

Executive Vice President for Riedenschild, Mr. ThomasHuggler, says that the partnership with Frederic Buyle is exciting due to hisdiscerning audience that appreciates excellence, whether it is Frederic’sphysical feats or his wonderful photography.

TheRiedenschild Original Watches brand was developed in 2004 by designer OliverWolf and Partner Eichmueller , a German watchmaker that was founded in 1950 inMunich. The company takes pride in hand assembling watches from the finestcomponent parts, a process that enables them to employ professionalwatchmakers, as opposed to farming out assembly work to Asian or other cheapersubcontractors. For more information about Riedenschild Original Watches,please contact James Newell at RPI @ orvisit the website at

Tocontact Frederic Buyle, visit his website,, andread chronicles about his life and accomplishments.

Sara-Lise Haith
Sara-Lise Haith
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