Australian freedivers Trista Fontana and Julia Wheeler had a disgusting encounter while training in Bali, Indonesia. They ended up having to swim through over three tons of rubbish, that included everything from human waste to paper, plastic, and other items.

The horrific and disgusting encounter occurred in the water off the paradise island of Bali, once famed for crystal clear blue waters and pristine beaches.

“It was a real-life nightmarish horror movie happening before my eyes.”

While their experience was clearly a nightmare, the 3 tons of rubbish she swam through is a mere drop in the ocean in comparison to the estimated 5.2 trillion pieces of plastic floating around in our oceans, with over 8 million more tons being added every year.

Commenting on the whole event, Wheeler stated:

“Say goodbye to pristine beaches and look forward to a plastic paradise because here’s the proof – that’s where we are headed unless we all make a small change.”

Check out a video of the incident below.