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Karol Meyer sets new Static World Record with Oxygen

After an intensive period of training prior to her Freediving Bonaire project,  Karol Meyer went for an attempt for the Guinness World RecordsTM on the of 10 July, at the Racer Academy swimming pool  – Florianópolis – Brazil.

Under the supervision of safety freedivers Raquel Miliorini, Diver Free Foundation – Mr. President Ricardo T. Branco, and DAN Diving Emergency Specialist – Mr. Archimedes Garrido, Academy Instructors and testimonials, the athlete achieved the amazing apnea static time of 18 minutes 32 seconds .

All freediving safety procedures were applied during the attempt, including through direct supervision of signals, to prove Meyer’s well-being and state of consciousness, and ability to remain underwater performing static apnea. Each minute the athlete responded with a preset signal, indicating that she was well. In the last 3 minutes, the signals were increased to a response every 30 seconds and finally 15 seconds until the exit.

” It is very important, for any practitioner,  never forget the safety procedures to practice all apnea modalities. Also it is essential to inform that: we cannot dive in depth with pure oxygen, high partial pressure of oxygen, could  be able tolead to serious toxicity and fatal accidents.” (Karol Meyer)

“During the week, the trainning day had been also folloied by instructors and swimming pupils, in the end, when I left the water, I only listened the applauses. In last the training, I already had beaten the world record… It was only rest and do it again! ” (Karol Meyer)

Her performance was 30 seconds more than the so disputed male category and she becomes Guinness World RecordsTM record holder of this category.

Complete video coverture : 


Sara-Lise Haith
Sara-Lise Haith
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