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HECS Launches New Scuba Wetsuit at DEMA 2017

HECS StealthScreen developer Warren Bird was on hand at DEMA Show 2017 to give us a quick overview of their new Pro Scuba Semi Dry wetsuit.

The horizontal chest zipper is separated from the diver’s skin by an inside shoulder sleeve, which stops flushing from the chest zip. The wrists, ankles, and hood are lined smooth skin to ensure a good seal.

The base material is Yamamoto 45 Neoprene, the highest quality neoprene presently on the market. It has an exceptional compression rating and also allows for elongation stretch; this stretchiness means that wrist and ankle zippers are not required. It is so stretchy that even the hard-sole booties do not require zippers and are still easy and comfortable to slide into without lubrication. The neoprene is sandwiched by a full lining interior and the HECS proprietary fabric on the exterior.

The fabric essentially creates a “wearable Faraday cage,” which allows the wearer to have more natural interactions with wildlife. While the suit does not make you invisible, it does remove your electromagnetic field from the equation giving you an almost fly-on-the-wall experience. Wildlife can still sense you via sight/movement, smell, and sound, but removing the electromagnetic component provides an impressive advantage whether you are hunting, observing, or photographing.

This stylish black and silver suit is available in several thicknesses: 3mm at US$899/~774 Euros, 5mm at $949/~817 Euros, and 7mm at $999/~860 Euros. The price includes the complete system including the hooded suit, the gloves, and the booties.

You can see the entire HECS line as well as impressive videos of the types of interactions their users are experiencing here.

Branon Edwards
Branon Edwards
Branon Edwards is a PADI Certified Divemaster who has been scuba diving in South Florida for over three decades. He is a real estate broker and freelance writer who lives on a sailboat in Fort Lauderdale.