A reliable primary reel is a necessity whether you’re discovering a cave or exploring a deep shipwreck.

Not only must your reel be dependable, it also must be robust and easy to deploy in all quick-thinking situations.

To that end, Hollis has introduced its new 200-foot/61-meter and 400-foot/122 meter primary reels which combine simplicity with durability so you can get on with your deepest explorations without any worries about performance.

The handles on both sizes are machined with 6061-T6 hard anodized aluminum to prevent cracking or breaking, and they feature rugged high-tensile Delrin spools that will never warp when fully loaded with line.

Hollis’ new Seeker Reels are robust and uncomplicated for the most demanding explorations and are designed to be the best performing primary dive reels available.

The 200-foot Seeker Reel retails for US$150/~131 Euros, and the 400-foot one retails for $170/~149 Euros.

For more info, check out the Hollis website at Hollis.com.

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