Are you often looking for new ways to reduce drag and improve your streamlining while diving with a rebreather?

One of the newest responses to this demand is a move toward Back Mounted Counterlung designs that leave the chest free for attachment of additional tanks and accessories, and allow for improved streamlining with less drag and better horizontal trim.

Hollis Rebreathers’ latest BMCL, the Prism 2, meets the demand for an attractive BMCL replacement thanks to features like a cleaner hose routing, better water trapping and reverse compatibility for existing Prism 2 users.

According to Brand Manager Nick Hollis:

“The CCR market demand has shifted drastically towards counterlung designs mounted behind the diver. Our goal is to exceed the current market demand for an attractive Back Mounted Counterlung replacement and include is as a standard feature for the Prism 2.”

Key features of the Prism 2 include:

  • Clutter-free chest area
  • Streamlined diver profile with reduced drag
  • More space to clip on and retrieve extra items
  • Better horizontal trim
  • Excellent breathing characteristics in all typical diving positions

The Prism 2 Back Mounted Counterlungs are now available for purchase. For more info, go to your local dealer.

Hollis Prism 2 Back Mounted Counterlung Rebreathers Are Now Available
Hollis’ Prism 2 Back Mounted Counterlung Rebreather

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