Ikelite Introduces New Underwater Housing For Panasonic Lumix LX100 Camera

Shutterbugs who love the Panasonic Lumix LX100 camera can now take it underwater.

Ikelite has introduced a new, waterproof housing for that camera.

The housing supports Panasonic’s “Through-The-Lens” flash metering protocol, allowing the camera to have a direct connection to the built-in flash hot shoe, Ikelite claims.

It also sports a waterproof strobe sync connection, where compatible Ikelite DS strobes can be connected to the housing’s electrical bulkhead using a single or dual TTL sync cord, according to the company.

Non-Ikelite strobes can also be connected to the bulkhead using a compatible sync cord, but the housing’s circuitry won’t get power and you’ll only be able to operate the strobes in manual exposure modes.

The housing will also fit certain wide-angle lenses and has cool ergonomics that allow all three buttons on the camera to be pushed.

Retail price for the housing is US$750, and for more information click here.



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