The fascinating life of Tony Buxton is now being told in a new book, “Freediving to Fame and Fortune.”

Ever since he set himself up as a Skin Diving Guide in Sri Lanka in the early 1950’s, Buxton has led a charmed life. He earned fame and fortune and over the years has encountered some of the greatest names in the diving world, including Hans Hass and Jacques Cousteau.

His adventures led to him being the first person to dive the waters off the Maldives, Thailand, and Southern India, as well as circumnavigating the globe in 1965 onboard a Chinese Junk. The trip was documented by underwater photographer Ben Kropp, and also included legendary explorer Jacques Dumas.

His business ventures were equally impressive, from being a commercial diver in Singapore to working with Exxon on an underwater ship cleaning joint venture, starting a hotel in Pattaya Thailand, and a host of other activities.

Interestingly, Buxton rarely used scuba and did most of his diving on one breath.

“Freediving to Fame and Fortune” is available on Amazon for $4.99 for the eBook version or $14.99 for the print version.

The book is also available on Google Books, iPad, Nook books, and Kobo.

Freediving To Fame And Fortune, by Tony Buxton
Freediving To Fame And Fortune, by Tony Buxton

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