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Inspiration Closed Circuit Rebreathers Invade North America, Central America, and the Caribbean

Dive professionals around the world have been entering one of the fastest growing market segments Closed Circuit Inspiration Rebreather Diving. Now dive resort, retail store/school facilities, and diving educators located in North America, Central America, and the Caribbean can enter the "Silent Diving Marketplace" with complete confidence that they are doing business with a company that will remain in business and is hear for the long run. Silent Diving Systems LLC Headquarters is in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire and Silent Diving Systems also has a factory service center located in Brockville Ontario. Silent Diving Systems is the exclusive distributor of the "Inspiration Fully Closed Circuit Rebreather"

This rebreather is the only CE approved fully closed circuit rebreather in the world. It is built by Ambient Pressure Diving LTD located in Helston England. Learning links from the source for you to explore. To receive a FREE copy of our product operator manual on the Inspiration please click on this link http://www.silentdiving.com/ To visit our web site which is currently not completely finished but has quite a bit of great information click on this link http://www.silentdiving.com/ To obtain a user manual on our multiple gas MFG. retail $599.99 Nextus dive computer click on this link http://www.silentdiving.com/

The only computer you will ever need for open circuit & closed circuit diving….air, nitrox, multiple mix, adjustable fO2 and pO2 settings. To view our manufacturer Ambient Pressure Diving LTD site click on this link http://www.apdiving.com If you would like more information on how to enter career development training to become an "Inspiration Instructor" e-mail your request to: events@silentdiving.com We will be exhibiting at the TeK Show in Booth 12-14. We will be exhibiting at DEMA in booth 1795 in Hall "B" just across from the necessary facilities and the food court. We will also be holding VIP Press & Industry Dives before, during, and after the TeK Show and DEMA Show. If you would like to dive with us please contact cliff@silentdiving.com for details. During the VIP Press & Industry Boat Dives we will be unveiling many new products never dove before. We look forward to ushering you in the exciting world of "Diving Inspiration Rebreathers" British built Inspiration rebreather invades America!

Silent Diving Systems LLC is a New Hampshire, USA based company with

Additional service center located in Brockville, Ontario, Canada. They will stock Inspiration Rebreathers, Replacement Parts, and Accessories. Additionally, Silent Diving Systems LLC will have the full range of SMB Surface Marker Buoys, Reels, Auto Diluent Valves, and Nexus Multi-Gas Diving Computers.

Silent Diving Systems LLC is to be operated my Mike Fowler, Director of Operations, and Cliff Simoneau, Director of Business Development. Our hours of operation are 10:00am-4:00pm Eastern Standard Time. The Canadian Service Center in Brockville, Ontario, Canada hours are also 10:00am-4:00pm Eastern Standard Time.

Silent Diving Systems LLC is dedicated to providing the same high quality personalized client support as set forth to date by Ambient Pressure Diving LTD. Watch for more Press Announcements from our USA HQ.

US HQ CONTACT DETAILS: Phone (603) 569-3467 FAX (603) 297-0047 EMAIL: Cliff@silentdiving.com

CANADIAN SERVICE CENTER: Phone (613) 345-6382 EMAIL: Mike@silentdiving.com

YOu can visit their website at http://www.silentdiving.com



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