Interview With Formula H2O Racer David Ulloa

Formula H2O – underwater scooter racing – is catching on rather quickly, with a growing circuit of races both in the Western hemisphere and more in Europe beginning next year. The Wreck Racing League is the sanctioning body for Formula H20 Racing. David Ulloa, one of the league’s top racers, is attending DEMA 2010. Ulloa is an underwater videographer and president and owner of Valeo Films, Inc., an independent film and video production company. Known as “The Shark Whisperer,” Ulloa recently won the 2010 Gold Coast Underwater Grand Prix in Pompano Beach, Florida. David races to inform the public and gain media attention for the need to study, conserve and protect shark populations worldwide. caught up with David at DEMA 2010 and spoke with him about his racing career so far. Check out the video below.