Thursday, November 30, 2023

Kicking Into New Fin Styles with SCUBAPRO


SCUBAPRO has several new fins on the market that we got to check out at DEMA Show 2023.

The Seawing Supernova features a modular system so the fins can be taken apart. Divers can now effortlessly switch between an open heel and full foot configuration, adapting to the demands of different diving environments. This also makes them more convenient to pack for travel.

Priced at US$299/~€274, the Seawing Supernova fins (full foot and standard paddle blade) are available in all-black or white. And for those divers who crave a touch of personalization, new color variations for interchangeable blades are set to hit the market next spring.

The S-Tek Fin is new to the SCUBAPRO technical diver line. Boasting an ultra-streamlined profile with a 30-degree angle, this fin maximizes power and ensures ease of alternative kicks. Removeable metal plates on the bottom allow divers to fine-tune fin buoyancy according to their preferences.

The fin is priced at $299/~€274 for the complete fin and $129/~€118 for the blades alone.

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Nola Schoder
Nola Schoder
Nola discovered her love for breathing underwater in San Diego, CA where she is a regular diver. An underwater photographer, she is rarely diving without her camera as though it has morphed to her being. Being an avid traveler, scuba diving has multiplied her bucket list by infinity so when she’s not looking for a macro critter hidden on the reef, you can be sure she is plotting her next dive adventure.