If you ever wanted to snorkel a little deeper, then check out the NEMO by BLU3.

The new surface-supplied-air dive system is to launch via a Kickstarter campaign. The NEMO is designed to support one diver to a depth of 10 feet/3 meters.

The NEMO features a small compressor with a swappable battery that can sustain diving for over an hour, and only takes three hours to recharge. What makes the NEMO an interesting proposition is the smart regulator.

The regulator turns the compressor into a demand valve. The compressor only fires when you breathe, so it is not running all the time and wasting battery.

The NEMO comes with a float that you can pull around with you as you swim around, and you have the possibility of purchasing a specially designed backpack for your  10lb/4.5kg NEMO when on land.

The NEMO is the first of a line of three surface-supplied-air dive systems planned by BLU3. The NEMO, NOMAD, and NEPTUNE are all planned and will be suitable for diving to different depths.

You can find out more about the NEMO here or check out a video of the NEMO below.


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