Luke Maillis has set a new record for the largest Cubera Snapper ever speared.

The fish came in at 130lb/59kg and beats the previous record by 8lbs/3.5kg. What makes this achievement truly amazing is that Luke was not using a speargun but was using a NOMAD polespear.

Biggest Cubera Snapper ever speared
Luke Maillis and his record-setting Cubera Snapper

Maillis provided some more details of the hunt, and stated that after he had shot a Nassau Grouper, he noticed the Cubera Snapper, and realized instantly that it was a world-record fish. About the hunt he said:

“I waited until he swam under the ledge then immediately dived down and had my pole spear cocked and ready. I dropped down under the ledge and saw him face to face. He started to turn and run when I took aim and landed the shot right in the face. He took off running and peeling off line from my belt reel.”

Maillis reported that he fought with the fish for 10-15 minutes, as it tried to hide in a cave, but eventually he was able to wrestle it to the surface and onto the boat.

According to Maillis, it is his fish of a lifetime.


  1. Congratulations – my largest was 85 in the Texas rigs on scuba and 35 free diving Anegada in the 80’s

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