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Maya Gabeira, Elizabeth Wahler Have Joined Oceana’s Board Of Directors


Oceana recently announced that longtime supporters Maya Gabeira and Elizabeth Wahler have joined the ocean advocacy organization’s Board of Directors.

Oceana CEO Andrew Sharpless said:

“Maya and Elizabeth are tireless advocates for our oceans and as members of Oceana’s Board of Directors will help to win new policy victories for our oceans.”

Gabeira is a professional big wave surfer from Rio De Janeiro, Brazil and the world record holder for the largest wave ever surfed by a woman after riding a 73.5 ft./22.4m wave in Portugal. She has won numerous awards including an ESPY for Best Female Action Sport Athlete.

“The ocean for me is a source of endless energy. There’s nothing like jumping in the ocean and washing everything away. That’s why I go back every day: I want to be surrounded by the life of our oceans. We must respect the oceans – it would be crazy not to. And the best way we can show respect is by using our voices to help protect and restore the world’s oceans. I look forward to using my voice for the oceans as a member of Oceana’s Board of Directors.”

Wahler, founder and CEO of boutique digital media agency Kiére Media, joins Oceana’s Board of Directors after over a decade of being a prominent Oceana supporter. As a lifelong resident of Orange County, California, Wahler fell in love with the ocean at a young age.

“Growing up in Southern California, I have witnessed firsthand the majestic marine life that live and migrate through Pacific waters, from breaching humpback whales to sea lions basking in the sun. That said, I have also witnessed the devastating threats our oceans and marine wildlife face here in California as a result of harmful fishing practices such as bottom trawling, plastic pollution, and more. Joining Oceana’s Board of Directors fuels my passion to be of service to our oceans, and the place I call home, especially now when they need us most.”

Gabeira and Wahler will join current board members Keith Addis, Gaz Alazraki, Herbert Bedolfe, Ted Danson, Nicholas Davis, César Gaviria, María Eugenia Girón, Loic Gouzer, Jena King, Ben Koerner, Sara Lowell, Stephen P. McAllister, Dr. Kristian Parker, Dr. Daniel Pauly, David Rockefeller, Jr., Susan Rockefeller, James Sandler, Simon Sidamon-Eristoff, Dr. Rashid Sumaila, Diana Thomson, Valarie Van Cleave, Sam Waterson, and Jean Weiss.

(Image credits: Pablo Garcia, David Tosti)

John Liang
John Liang
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