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Nataraja Liveaboard Launches New Raja Ampat Cruise Itineraries

Nataraja Liveaboard is an elegant Phinisi Yacht – cruising the Indonesian Archipelago from Komodo to Raja Ampat and beyond. The boat is fully equipped for Diving and Cruising alike and just launched new custom-made routes for the upcoming Raja Ampat season.

Nataraja Liveaboard is a new Phinisi Yacht
Nataraja Liveaboard is a new Phinisi Yacht

About Nataraja Liveaboard

The name Nataraja comes from the Hindu connection between the spirit and the arts – a perfect namesake for such an inspiring wooden Yacht.

The 32m Nataraja Yacht offers 4 cabins – each featuring AC and a private bathroom with hot water (an additional 5th Cabin is available for the group-leader).

Each cabin features AC and a private bathroom with hot water
Each cabin features AC and a private bathroom with hot water

You will be delighted by an expansive open living concept offering marvelous views at nearly every lounge spot.

Nataraja captures the relaxed tropical lifestyle in many details and offers an experience of Exploring the Indonesian Islands in the Style and in Comfort of a traditional Phinisi Liveaboard.

You will be delighted by an expansive open living concept offering marvelous views at nearly every lounge spot
You will be delighted by an expansive open living concept offering marvelous
views at nearly every lounge spot

The concept of the boat has been created with relaxation and privacy in mind – a perfect holiday getaway for Freedivers and Scuba Divers looking for exploring Indonesian islands above and below the surface – various customized routes are available throughout Raja Ampat and beyond. Nataraja offers private charters for families and Dive groups as well as scheduled cabin cruises.

Raja Ampat Central and North Diving 8-11 Nights

This route takes you through Central and North Raja Ampat for a blissful diving cruise. Explore various of Raja Ampat world class dive-sites around Penemu, Kawe and Dampier Straight. Witness Manta cleaning stations, swim above colorful and lush coral cover, hike to unforgettable viewpoints of Wayag and see the sea aglow during a fantastical night dive. Perfect for a Divers coming the first time to Raja Ampat.

Raja Ampat Central South Diving 8-11 Nights

This takes you to world famous dive sites, guided treks to incredible viewpoints, dances with Mantas and a trip to the Misool Eco Conservation Zone. This marine protected area was Raja Ampat’s first No-Take zone, conserving and protecting the naturally occurring micro and macro life. It has not only increased the number of sharks and oceanic Mantas in the past few years, but it has generated a partnership between villages with the common cause to protect its waters! In addition, this route also includes sites in Central Raja Ampat with a variety of great dive sites, including a WWII plane wreck.

Raja Ampat Central and North Snorkelling and Freediving Cruise 7-11 Nights

This itinerary was custom made with a focus on snorkeling and land sites of Raja Ampats Central and North area around Wayag. Beaches, lagoons, dramatic limestone cliffs, viewpoints, local village life and flora and fauna in the ocean and on land are all featured in this itinerary.  Some Scuba Dives or Freediving Training can be integrated into this route.

Raja Ampat to Triton Bay (Kaimana) 11-12 Nights

Join Nataraja for a very special Cruise from Raja Ampat to Triton Bay, one of Indonesia’s remotest and most biodiverse areas. The diving sites of Central Raja Ampat and Misool are full of healthy reefs with the option for various Pelagic encounters. Diving highlights of Triton Bay include a high chance to encounter the gentle giants, Whale Sharks.  wise old sea turtles, schools of fish and overall an incredible marine diversity. This route towards Triton bay offers an off the beaten track experiences in combination with the diving highlights of Raja Ampat.

Spice Island Cruise: Raja Ampat to Ambon 9-11 Nights

This itinerary on Nataraja takes you to the most incredible sites in Raja Ampat, from day 1. Cruise from the from nutrient-rich Dampier Strait to stunning dive sites in Misool. The route continues to Banda Islands, a group of volcanic islands with historical significance: all the way up until the 1850s, Banda Islands where the worlds only source of nutmeg and mace – many historical sites still witness this past. Along the way, the Moluccas offer various Dive sites, like Koon Islands, with a great chance for schooling hammerhead sharks and other large fish encounters.

Freediving on Nataraja Liveaboard

The operators of Nataraja are keen Freedivers themselves. Lines/Buoys for Training to up to 50m are available on request, as well as experienced Freediving Instructors for courses and workshops on Nataraja Liveaboard.

Inquire for Nataraja Liveaboard via Barefoot Yachts Indonesia for a day-to-day itinerary for any of these routes and a custom-made Cruising and Diving Experiences in Raja Ampat.

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