New Spearfishing Education Organization Launches

SAI (Spearfishing Academy International) is a brand new global Spearfishing Education Organization

Spearfishing education seems to the next big thing in diving education. Traditionally something that was taught by word of mouth or by joining a local club, there are now courses and education establishments springing up from both established and new players.

The latest that has just been announced is SAI or the Spearfishing Academy International headquartered in Greece.  It is dedicated strictly to Spearfishing education and aims to provide high quality training and education services to spearos around the world.

The first batch of SAI Instructors from June 2016

SAI grew out of the passion of a few avid Spearfishing Champions and Freediving Instructors – Manolis Giankos, Vassilis Garoutsos & Dimitris Kollias – and aims to address all levels of spearos, from beginner to advanced. They also have special courses for VIPs, electronic device applications, competitive spearfishing, deep spearfishing, variable weight spearfishing, and much more.  The courses on offer will cover every need of the modern spearfisher who wants to rapidly develop in the sport.

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