New Unusual World Record

An unusual and new Guinness world record was achived last weekend, where Czech freedivers had a eight divers breathing from a single regulator during an hour. It is amixture of scuba and apnea.

The previous Guinness record of six persons held by another Czech team was beaten by a team of eight freedivers from Brno.

The record was done in the depth of 5m, the regulator was connected totwin 10 liters bottles filled to 250 bars. It was actually an hour longhypercapnic table with a single breath between apneas. They write thatafter the initial 10 minutes, the breathing rhythm stabilized on about1 breath per minute for each.


You may know some of the names of the participants:

  • Jarmila Slovenčíková
  • Mirek Svačina
  • Pavel Popelka
  • Petr Tanner
  • Roman Ondrůj
  • Vladimír Tichý
  • Vladimír Franc
  • Petr Vala

This record was done during a competition which otherdisciplines, for example; backward swimming with fins, underwatertext reading without a mask, hovering in limited space, etc. Thecompetition is called Trygoniáda and was organized by the Trygon divingclub in Brno, Czech Republic.

More information in Czech, and some more photos, can be found here:
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Source: Deeperblue Forums