Tuesday, September 26, 2023
Scuba DivingOceanic Continues Popular Upgrade Now Personal Dive Computer Trade-in Program

Oceanic Continues Popular Upgrade Now Personal Dive Computer Trade-in Program


Oceanic Computer Oceanic Worldwide introduced the concept of a computer upgrade program with its first digital product more than twenty years ago, enabling Oceanic customers to trade up to new technology and features at a great price.

In the years since, Oceanic has expanded the popular "Upgrade Now" program to owners of any manufacturer’s computer, working or not.

"We want to give divers an attractive incentive to stay with, or move to Oceanic if they are in the market to replace an existing computer" said Bob Hollis, Oceanic Founder and CEO. "Like all consumer electronics, there have been significant improvements in just the last couple of years, and we want to encourage divers to experience the benefits of diving the latest hardware and software technologies available. At Oceanic, our goal has always been to harness technology to provide the most feature rich, user-friendly dive computers without sacrificing safety and reliability. In many cases, divers find that a computer that they purchased a couple of years ago is no longer supported by the manufacturer, or it is just too expensive to repair and this provides an affordable option for those divers as well."

How does it work? Trade in a product that is on the Upgrade Now list, and receive your choice of brand-new Oceanic Personal Dive Computer from the list at the special price. Upgrades are Factory Authorized and carry the Oceanic 2-Year Limited Warranty. In many cases, the upgrade may be handled over-the-counter through a participating Oceanic Authorized Pro Dealer.

For specific Upgrade Now details and pricing, visit your local Authorized Oceanic Pro Dealer or the Oceanic Worldwide website at Oceanic Upgrade Program

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