Paralenz has upgraded their underwater camera to a Plus version.

The Danish-based company has a very dedicated community of divers, which is evident from the numerous videos on the Paralenz Facebook page.

The feedback comes from regular divers all over the world and forms the basis for every improvement the company makes, whether it is deciding to add a camera feature, change the packaging, or developing a new accessory.

To give divers what they asked for, the whole exterior of the camera has now been upgraded to make it even more rugged.

Paralenz Unveils Dive Camera+

The end cap is CNC milled from a single block of extremely strong aerospace grade aluminum, and the same material is used for the rest of the housing, increasing the depth rating to 250m/820ft.

Every part also now has an even more corrosion-resistant surface, and the screws have been changed to titanium. Additionally, the design of the selector ring has been improved to make it simpler and exclude any small parts.

Paralenz Dive Camera+ with accessories

The Paralenz Dive Camera+ can be purchased at Paralenz resellers or beginning today, July 16th, in North America, Europa, and Australia, with a retail price of US$699, €749, £659 and AU$1038.

For more info, check out the Paralenz website at

Paralenz Unveils Dive Camera+