Planet Earth II Is Coming Soon And It Looks EPIC

The original BBC Nature Documentary “Planet Earth” hit our TV screens 10 years ago and it changed the way we looked at our world.  It was the most expensive nature documentary ever made, filmed over 5 years by the absolute best in the nature documentary business.

With the new version “Planet Earth II” about to hit our screens in November we’ve been treated to some of the EPIC (it’s so good we just had to use capitals) footage from the new version.

Sir David Attenborough is returning to narrate and front the program and it promises to reveal more about our beautiful planet (land, sea and air) from a completely new perspective using advances in both filming technology and our understanding of the natural world.

Take a look at the trailer below or on YouTube and get ready to set your TV recorders.

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    • Where are you seeing that? Numerous mainstream media publications are reporting November which is where we got the news from.