Quik Pod introduces new floating bottle grip handle at DEMA Show 2015

Quik Pod introduces new floating bottle grip handle at DEMA Show 2015

Wayne Fromm, the inventor of the original “Selfie Stick,” shared that he was as surprised as anyone at the backlash that has arisen as more and more venues ban the ubiquitous pole.

Fromm designed the original Quik Pod sports monopod for families to be able to take vacation pictures with the whole family in the shot. No more handing a stranger your camera or phone, setting up a tripod and hoping the self-timer didn’t go off before Dad could get back into the picture.

Wayne and his business partner and daughter Sage Fromm, are exhibiting at this week’s DEMA Show 2015 in Orlando.

The inventor was pleased to introduce a new product that should promise to be a welcome tool for any photographer.

The Floating Bottle Grip Handle is a clever, little device that allows the user to mount a GoPro (or virtually any camera with available adapters) to a standard soda or water bottle. When empty, screwing the Floating Bottle Grip Handle onto a bottle makes a great float for your camera, an inexpensive handle for action shots, and repurposes your empty bottle. Fill the bottle with water or sand, and you have a great monopod base for those times you don’t want to carry a heavy tripod.

With an MSRP of US$9.99, the Floating Bottle Grip Handle is a great stocking-stuffer and handy tool for every dive bag. For more information, check out the company’s website at https://www.quikpod.com.