RAID International recently released new instructor manuals as well as a new Deep Diver course.

The company issued new Instructor Development Program (IDP) and Instructor Trainer Program (ITP) Manuals for those interested in teaching recreational scuba diving, rebreather diving, technical diving or freediving.

RAID International Training Director Paul Toomer said the new instructor manuals are designed to give instructors and instructor trainers flexibility in what they want to learn to teach.

“This means that professional members can fulfill their own desires without participating in programs that do not interest them or have little relevance to their chosen career path,” he said.

“One system does not fit all,” RAID International Business and Marketing Director Terry Cummins said of the new manuals.

Additionally, the company released a new deep diver course named “Deep 40.

The aim of the course “is to have a deep diving program with seamless integration into higher levels of training. No conflicting ideas or procedures, but a system that encourages consistency between the programs,” according to RAID International Recreational Training Director Mark McCrum. The course is also set up to link with RAID’s Explorer 30, Advanced 35 and decompression courses.

For more info, including pricing, go to the company’s scuba and freediving websites.