Matt Briseno has informed that 4 National Records and 1 World Record were broken during the Kona Challenge in late October 2004.

The Results are as follows:

World Record

  • Annabel Briseno, World Record, Constant Weight No fins, 42 metres

National Records

  • Bill Graham, US Mens National Record, Static Apnea, 7 minutes 21
  • Leo Mauroka, US National Record, Constant Weight No Fins, 43 metres
  • Bill Graham, Senior National Record, Constant Weight, 48 metres
  • Bill Graham, Senior National Record, Free Immersion, 50 metres

There was some confusion before the event around which AIDA Rules were being used – however discussions have been taken up by the Athlete with AIDA directly.

Our congratulations go out to all athletes on their excellent performances.