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RIFFE Unveils New Spearguns, Fins at DEMA Show 2022


RIFFE unveiled some very interesting new products at this year’s DEMA Show in Orlando, Florida, including spearguns and fins.

The Marauder Speargun comes in three lengths for all types of different spearfishing environments. The streamlined silhouette is formed from a 5-laminate mahogany wood stock band set up, which makes it versatile and perfect for hunting on the reef or shooting fish in blue water.

Some of the features are:

Rigged with 300 lb. Nylon monofilament shooting line for faster shooting and abrasion resistance, heavy-duty reinforced glass filled nylon handle with over molded cushion grip, new rifle style push button safety and auto line release.

Riffe Spearguns at DEMA Show 2022
Riffe Spearguns at DEMA Show 2022

The newest gun is the Raider Mid-handle Speargun, an updated version of the company’s mid-handled full-wing kick guns, and it comes in four lengths. This gun has big integrating rings that helps the gun track well underwater and the design cuts through the water more hydrodynamically. This is a big gun especially design for hunting trophy fish game (bigger fish with thick scales).

This new speargun is different from previous versions because this one has increased accuracy, shooting range and maneuverability to produce the next mid-handle generation. Another improvement is that this gun comes in one piece that makes it more hydrodynamic, extremely maneuverable and tracks smoothly through the water.

RIFFE's New Raider Speargun at DEMA Show 2022
RIFFE’s New Raider Speargun at DEMA Show 2022

Some of the features are: 5 laminate mahogany wood stock, integrated full body wings, RIFFE’s stainless steel 2-piece trigger mechanism assembly, new toggle safety etched with “S” for Safe & “F” for Fire and heavy-duty reinforced glass filled Nylon handle with over molded cushion grip.

Another innovative new product is the Silent Hunter carbon fins. These are the first fins that RIFFE has made and they are promised to be lightweight and powerful. The blades are shorter but powerful, perfect for hunting on reefs.

RIFFE's new Silent Hunter fins at DEMA Show 2022
RIFFE’s new Silent Hunter fins at DEMA Show 2022

And something very important to say is that all these products are produced at their manufacturing facility in San Clemente, California.

The retail price for the Marauder speargun is US$1,021/~€1047 and $1,558.00/~€1597.67 for the Raider mid-handle speargun. The retail price for the Silent Hunter carbon fins is $599/~€614.25 and all these products are available to buy on the RIFFE website at

by Karla Rodriguez DEMA Team DEMA Team
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