Another World Record for Natalia Molchanova

Natalia Molchanova movedinto her 21st world record in freediving, proving again she was always on theroad to being the world’s best female freediver.

She dived to 85 metres inthe Free Immersion discipline, which is 3 metres deeper than her old record.

Her son, Alexey Molchanov,did 101 metres in Constant Weight in the same competition, and became the 6thin the world to have three digits on the result from a competition in CWT.

1. Herbert Nitsch, 112m 2007 

2. David Mullins, 110m 2007

3. Carlos Coste, 105m 2005

4. Ryuzo Shinomiya, 104m 2008

5. Alexey Molchanov, 101m 2008

6. Martin Štìpánek, 100m 2006

The current World Record inConstant Weight is held by Guillaume Néry – 113m, is done in a separate WorldRecord attempt earlier this year.