Show You’re A Scuba Diver With Your TANKH2O Water Bottle

Wanna brag (or subtly hint) to your friends that you’re an avid scuba diver? Check out the TANKH2O stainless steel water bottle that looks like a scuba tank!

TankH2O’s are designed to look exactly like a hand-held scuba dive tank, but they are actually used for hydration as a water bottle or as a flask for alcohol or other mixed drinks.

“Divers like them because they tell the world that the person holding the TankH2O is a Scuba Diver . . . whether in the office or on a dive boat somewhere in the far-off corners of the world . . . they actually bring divers together.”

TankH2Os, made by San Francisco-based Drink Tank Ltd, are 750mL, 100 percent BPA free, stainless-steel water bottles for scuba divers and ocean adventurers.

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