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SubSea Project Introduces New Waterproof Housing For Smartphones

Ever wanted to play a game on your smartphone while waiting through a decompression stop during a dive?

Well, SubSea Project has developed a waterproof housing the company claims will allow you to do just that.

“Our invention definitely provides overall protection to electronic devices ensuring their full functionality while underwater and at depths impossible to reach with other similar waterproof systems,” the company says. “This could totally change the way of using the electronic devices by divers due to its low price and versatility, keeping them safe and dry.”

Sp1-G inventor Jordi Llanes tells

“All the Sp systems (Sp1,Sp2, Sp3) are connected to the scuba tank so you do not have to refill it after the dive and it doesn’t have air of its own. The Sp systems let the exact quantity of air get into the housing automatically depending on the depth. Even if it is done automatically, the diver can also regulate it manually and it doesn’t present any risk for the diver although it is connected to the scuba tank because the Sp system can be easily disconnected from the scuba tank at any time.”

For more info, check out the company’s website.

John Liang
John Liang
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