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Freediving For Stress and Anxiety Course Announced

If you've been interested in taking up freediving but suffer from chronic stress, anxiety or post-traumatic stress disorder and wonder if that would hinder you, there's a new course this year that might be just the ticket.

Take A Deep Training Camp With Miguel Lozano In Dahab

Dates for a Depth Training Camp with Miguel Lozano in Dahab, Egypt have been announced.

Dahab Freedivers Announces New Course Bundles

Dahab Freedivers announces new AIDA course Combos.

Dahab Freedivers To Host Deep Equalisation Camp With Miguel Lozano

Miguel Lorenzo to hold Deep Equalisation Camp in Dahab hosted by Dahab Freedivers

Profile: Stephen Keenan

After the tragic loss of Stephen Keenan recently whilst saving another Freediver at the Dahab Blue Hole, we look back on his remarkable life.

Chief Of Safety Stephen Keenan Hailed Hero As He Dies While...

Tragic news for the Freediving community out of Dahab as "Chief Of Safety" Stephen Keenan dies at the Blue Hole

Dahab Freedivers Hosts Homar Leuci For Freediving Workshop In July

Freedivers who want to improve their relaxation and deep diving should head to Dahab in Egypt between 1st-4th July 2017. Dahab Freedivers is hosting a...

Dahab Body Awareness & Freediving Workshop To Be Held In June

Achieve deep relaxation, letting go, and a stronger awareness of your body, through the discovery of freediving!

No-Fins Freediving Masterclass Wih Dutch Record Holder This May In Dahab

Dutch national record holder Pete Botman is heading to Dahab this spring and whilst there will be working with Freediving Center Dahab Freedivers to...

Announcing Dahab Freedivers

Move over Enzo there's a new sheriff in town. That is a new freediving center in Dahab - the idyllic small town on the southeast...
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