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You’re Not the Only Predator

We take a look at why you are not the only predator in the water in our Beginners Guide to Spearfishing

Dangers, Safety Equipment & Spear Handling

We take a look at Dangers, Safety and Spear Handling in our Beginners Guide to Spearfishing

What is Spearfishing

We take a look at what Spearfishing is in our Beginners Guide to Spearfishing

Profile: Umberto Pelizzari

We continue our profiles of world-class freedivers, here we find out more about legend Umberto Pelizarri

Check Out The New Kimera Sideslip Spearfishing Tip

Kimera Spearfishing company has introduced the new revolutionary Kimera Sideslip tip for spearfishing.

(you) Hold, Dive, Shoot: Your Virtual Spearfishing Training

Your chance to re-live a dive for a beautiful amberjack, sit back and hold your breath when asked to for the 'full package'.

Early Registration For 2018 Triton X Open Spearfishing Tournament Closes Soon

If you're a spearo living on the U.S. West Coast, don't forget that early registration for this year's edition of the Triton X Open Spearfishing Tournament closes August 5th.

‘Ted Talks Freediving’ Show to Feature Spearing Magazine’s Jeromy Gamble This...

Ted Harty of Immersion Freediving will be hosting the eleventh episode of his "Ted Talks Freediving" show this Tuesday, June 26th on Spearing Magazine's Instagram page.

Does Your Footpocket Fit A Moana Fin Blade?

The folks at Headhunter Spearfishing are often asked whether a particular footpocket would fit the company's Moana freediving blades.

2018 Art Pinder Spearfishing Tournament Set For June 9th

The Art Pinder Spearfishing Tournament, to honor Art Pinder's legacy and benefit Team USA, is set for June 9th, 2018 out of Whisky Joe's Key Biscayne in Miami, Florida.

Luke Maillis Sets Record For The Largest Cubera Snapper Ever Speared

Luke Maillis has set the record for the largest Cubera Snapper ever speared.

GR Tarr, Jason Wetmore and Ritchie Zacker Win Florida State Team...

The dive clubs of the Florida Skin Divers Association recently held the 2018 Florida State Freedive Spearfishing Championship.

Check Out Salvimar’s Latest Speargun, The Hero 95

The folks at Maverick America were showcasing Salvimar's latest speargun, the Hero 95, at the 2018 Blue Wild Ocean Adventure Expo.

Florida Skin Divers Association To Host 2018 USOA National Spearfishing Championships

When Florida Skin Divers got the call that they were hosting the 2018 USOA National Spearfishing Championships, they were notably ecstatic.
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