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4 Notable Aircraft Dive Sites

In the last hundred years, there have been thousands of aircraft lost at sea. Here are 4 of our favorite aircraft wrecks around the world.

Divers Recover Telegraph from Famous WWI Wreck Lusitania

On 29th October, Irish diver Eoin McGarry retrieved a telegraph machine from the wreck of the Lusitania, the Cunard Line cruiser that notoriously met...

I Love Concrete Ship Wrecks

Yes, I admit it, in my list of favorite dive sites there are two concrete ship wrecks, and my bucket list has another one....

6 Essential Tips for Wreck Diving

For most scuba divers, wreck diving is always an incredible experience, providing a huge adrenaline rush. It is even more of an amazing opportunity...

World War 2 Japanese Battleship Wreck Found

Paul Allen, the American billionaire, has announced via his twitter page that his research team has found the Musashi World War Two Japanese battleship...

UK Dive Centre Offers Chance To Hear From Titanic Diver

UK Dive Centre - DiveStyle - is giving members of the public a unique chance to hear from Rory Golden, the first Irish Diver...

Zenobia wreck closure confirmed as mis-communication

The Zenobia wreck is open for business once again after recent reports that the wreck was closed to divers was confirmed to be miscommunication...

Divers banned from top wreck in Mediterranean

UPDATE 1st March 2012: It has been confirmed that the wreck is still open to divers. Divers have been banned from one of the world's...

Million Hope – Sunk for a decade

New contributor and Red Sea regular Mark Jones takes us on a tour of The Million Hope, a wreck that sank in 1996 off the coast of Sharm-El-Sheikh

Wreck Dive Rescue

DAN continues their regular column with a stirring story of how a routine wreck dive became everything but ordinary
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