Multiple Freediving World Record holder, Tanya Streeter, has paid tribute to her safety dive team in her recent collaboration with Europe’s home furnishings giant Habitat.

Streeter joined other celebrities from the sporting, modeling, acting and design worlds such as Lennox Lewis, Ewan McGregor, Helena Christiansen and Manolo Blahnik to take part in Habitat’s V.I.P., (Very Important Product), celebration of the company’s 40th anniversary. The 22 celebrities designed a product unique in some way to their individual lifestyle and taste, which will be for sale at Habitat around the world for at least a year, beginning this month.

Streeter chose to design champagne glasses, within which she requested bubbles of air be frozen in the stems as a tribute to the many safety divers that have supported her phenomenal Freediving World Records in the past seven years. Teams of up to 20 safety divers using anything from regular air SCUBA equipment to extremely hi-tech and complex mixed gas rebreather systems have dived to depths in excess of 100m to support Streeter’s accomplishments, which include a No Limits freedive on a single breath of air to 160m in 2002. The dive took place in the Turks & Caicos Islands where Streeter comments, "The water is so clear and so blue. But the bubbles from my divers are a great source of comfort to me when my dives are so deep that the water turns pitch black!" She continues, "There is a strong bond that is formed between my safety team and I. It isn’t just me that is pushing the boundaries of human potential and redefining limits. My team is taking even greater risks by supporting me during my dives and there is never going to be a way to fully express my gratitude for that. The World Records belong to all of us. And now the champagne glasses and just another way I can let them know what their presence meant to me underwater."

For more information about Habitat’s V.I.P. collection and to see a photograph of the champagne glasses, scroll down. Also contact Fiona Rushton, Group PR Manager, Habitat 0207 614 5500 fiona.rushton@habitat.co.uk, and for the latest news on Tanya Streeter, visit www.redefineyourlimits.com.