TEKDiveUSA Conference Kicks Off This Weekend

The TEKDiveUSA conference kicks off this weekend in Miami.

Technical diving junkies in the USA have a place to go this weekend in Miami.

The biennial TEKDiveUSA conference is taking place April 22-24 at Florida International University’s Kovens Conference Center.

Participants will kick off the conference with a Friday night barbeque, followed by two days’ worth of talks and workshops featuring industry experts on Cave Diving, Dive Safety, Diving Physiology, Mine Diving, Photo/Video, Rebreathers, Training and Wreck Diving.

Women Divers Hall of Fame member Jill Heinreth, shipwreck explorer Richie Kohler and Divers Alert Network Research Director Neal Pollock are among the featured speakers for this year’s event.

In addition to a photo contest, the conference will also feature a “History Of Diving Photographic Exhibit” with more than 100 images curated by aquaCORPS Journal founder Michael Menduno.

For more information, check out tekdiveusa.com/.