Sunday, July 21, 2024

TEKTITE Unveils SOSeFLARE 5 Distress Light


In the ever-evolving world of marine safety, TEKTITE has introduced the SOSeFLARE 5, a cutting-edge US Coast Guaerd-compliant Electronic Flare/Distress Light that redefines the standard for dive boating safety.

The SOSeFLARE 5 represents the pinnacle of electronic LED SOS lights, boasting the latest and brightest LED technology. Manufactured by the most experienced company in the field, with over 100,000 USCG flare-replacement lights produced and sold, it stands as a beacon of reliability.

Meeting Night, Day and Audible distress signal requirements, the SOSeFLARE 5 eliminates the need for chemical flares, saving you money and ensuring a one-time purchase investment.

This electronic flare works right out of the box, batteries included. No fuss, no hassle — just safety when you need it.

Not confined to the seas, the SOSeFlare extends its utility to various outdoor emergencies, from backpacking and hunting to backcountry skiing and private aviation.

The SOSeFlare only with batteries retails for US$49.95/~£39.97/~€45.90.

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Victoria Brown
Victoria Brown
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