The folks at BARE are offering a free X-Mission Drysuit (valued at US$2,799/2,508 Euros) for the best testimonial on the company’s products.

For a chance to win that drysuit, the company is asking for a video or photo along with a written testimonial explaining how your story intersects with the BARE story by answering one of three questions:

1. In Your Element. How lifestyle and adventure merge for you and how BARE Drysuits are a part of that?

2. The adventure doesn’t start when you hit the water. It starts when you wake up that morning. Part of the fun is the anticipation of what the day will bring. The preparation. The journey. The arrival. Tell the whole _ adventure. All stages are important. How does your BARE Drysuit contribute to that experience?

3. Fit. Craftsmanship. Innovation. These are the cornerstone of BARE and every Drysuit made – how does your adventure rely on these?

To enter, go to

The deadline for submissions is August 1, 2016. Click here for the official rules.