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The Freedive Show — Diary — 28th

Wednesday 28th May 2003 – 8:00pm

The first set of results for today are in, although the final published results won’t be available until tomorrow, and out of 54 competitors today, 11 were initially disqualified for sambas or blackouts. There is a rising anger and confusion amongst the competitors as to how strict the judges are. The appeals procedure is taking a lot longer than normal due to the large number of disqualifications and appeals. This is frustrating the judges and competitors alike.

After talking with numerous competitors we hope that the AIDA board look at how to improve the whole process. At a captains meeting this evening Kirk Krack along with Sebastien Nagel and the rest of the judges made promising noises on improves but it will come too late for the large number of competitors here.

The event meeting in the evening highlighted that a world record may be broken tomorrow by Herbert Nitsch or Martin Stepanek attempting to dive to 93m. A lot of questions were asked but three key points were covered. Both Herbert and Martin will be allowed to warm up on the official competition lines, Herbert has agreed not to see the judges decision on his dive until after Martin has completed his and if both manage to get to 93m they will share the World Record.

All eyes are going to be on the front of the diving platform tomorrow for top times of 08:00am and 08:05am possibly seeing a world record tumble not once but twice.

We will just have to wait and see!


Wednesday 28th May 2003 – 10:00am

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I’ve just arrived back from the barge and we have some interim results to tell you (please bear in mind that these have yet to be ratified by AIDA so may be subject to change):

  • Carlos Coste hit his subscribed depth of 85m without any penalties
  • Guillaume Nery managed 83m, 2m short of his target depth. He reported problems with the current and making a mistake in judging how far he was from the bottom plate
  • Kirk Krack surfaced with a 45m dive after subscribing 75m. He looked like he was having equalisation problems
  • Italian Davide Carrera hit his target depth of 74m but received a single red card (out of 4 judges) which may disqualify him
  • Pierre Frolla returned without a tag but his computer confirmed he had hit his target depth of 72m cleanly
  • Mathias Lanner completed 71m without any problems
  • Kazuaka "Kaz" Ichikawa returned from 70m sucessfully but picked up 2 Yellow Cards from the judges which may disqualify him. The reason is unknown at time of publication
  • Lee Donnelly failed to reach his target of 66m but managed 55m
  • Deron Verbeck completed his dive to a target depth of 65m
  • Annabel Briseno returned to the surface from 64m but had a Black Out on the surface. This disqualifies her. She reported spitting blood after the dive
  • Fred Buyle tried to hit 60 but had a Black Out after returning to the surface. However he seemed in good spirits after the dive
  • Jessica Wilson completed her dive to 42m without any problems and was jubilent on returning onto the barge.

Those are the interim results that we know of but the competitors are still on the barge and final top time is around 12:30pm today so further results will be unknown till then.


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