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The Freedive Show — Diary — 27th

Tuesday 27th May 2003 – 10:55pm

We have just been informed that the official dynamic results are now available here.

Unofficially we’ve also been told that Bill Stromberg is currently in the lead in overall points based on todays results for the mens category, however this will change tomorrow as the deeper dives are attempted. Bill says that "at least I was in the lead for a few hours!"

Top time starts at 8:00am tomorrow with Carlos Coste at 85m, followed by Guillaume Nery at 85m as well. This leads us nicely into Thursday with Herbert Nitsch and Martin Stepanek both attempting 93m!!


Tuesday 27th May 2003 – 5:00pm

Check out todays photos here!

It was an interesting first morning for the of the Constant Weight part of the competition. Official results are still being produced but here is a run down of what we managed to see:

The deepest dives of the day were 67m by Stephane Mifsud and Bevan Dewar. Stephane came up clean but hit a 10 point penalty for a line violation. Bevan had a black-out on the surface and was disqualified. Bill Stromberg, Timo Kimunnen, Sophie Passalacqua, Johan Dahlstrom and Greg Lewis Monto all came up clean, Greg setting a new South African National Mens Record, beating Trevor Huttons previous record by 2m.

The surprises of the day came first with Lotta Ericsson being disqualified for a samba. Watching her performance and talking to her and Annabel Briseno afterwards, there seemed to have been some confusion in the countdown. When she hit the 1.30 warning she wasn’t prepared and caused her to push herself to far and hence the samba.

The UK women Hannah Stacey and Ann-Marie Kitchen wheeler set some drama when Hannah, who was attempting to dive to 47m to protect her UK National Record from Ann-Marie, had to pull out due to sinus problems. This cleared the stage for Ann-Marie to attemt 45m in her bid to take the record. She came up with the tag but was disqualified for a samba. At the time of writing Ann-Marie is contesting the decision.

Overall 20 out of the 50 competitiors today had either penalty points applied or were disqualified for a blackout or samba. Official results are still pending as the judges are now reviewing the material and are talking over the specific cases where competitors have contested the decision.

We should be receiving the final official results from the Dynamic later tonight (Media have not been issued with any, despite being posted to the event board in the hotel), but we can confirm that Pierre Frolla won the mens competition

with a performance of 153m and 76.5 points (his previous DQ was overturned). Natalia Molchanova won the womens with a performance of 150m and 75 points.

Till next time!


Tuesday 27th May 2003 – 6:25am

Just heading out on the competition boat. First top time is 08:00am and is by Stephane Mifsud of France with a subscribed depth of 67m.

Deepest dives today go first with 67m for Stephane and Bevan Dewar from South Africa. Other deep divers will go Wednesday and Thursday.

Last top time is just after 12:00 noon so we will report back then.


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